Online text to diagram tools


A comprehensive list of various text to diagram tools.

  1. Markdeep
    Diagrams: markdown, ascii-to-all

  2. Svgbob
    Diagrams: ascii-to-all

  3. Archetype
    Diagrams: ascii-drawing

  4. Textik
    Diagrams: ascii-drawing

  5. ASCIIFlow
    Diagrams: ascii-drawing

  6. BPMN Sketch Miner
    Diagrams: BPMN/flow

  7. Webgraphviz
    Diagrams: graphviz

  8. Edotor
    Diagrams: graphviz

  9. nomnoml
    Diagrams: activity, class

  10. CodeUML (dead)
    Diagrams: uml

  11. yuml
    Diagrams: uml

  12. PlantText
    Diagrams: activity, class, component, object, use case, state, graphviz, sequence, gui, earth

  13. PlantUML
    Diagrams: activity, class, component, object, use-case, sequence, state, deployment, timing, gui, archimate, gantt, mindmap, tree, math, entity-relationship

  14. Umple Online
    Diagrams: class, state, composite

  15. ZenUML
    Diagrams: sequence

  16. DotUML
    Diagrams: class, use case, sequence, state, deployment, graphviz

  17. dbdiagram
    Diagrams: sequence

  18. WebSequenceDiagrams
    Diagrams: sequence

  19. SVG Sequence Diagram
    Diagrams: sequence

  20. JUMLY (dead)
    Diagrams: sequence

  21. js sequence diagrams
    Diagrams: sequence

  22. swimlanes
    Diagrams: sequence

  23. SequenceDiagram
    Diagrams: sequence

  24. GraphUp (broken)
    Diagrams: sequence, gantt

  25. Text Diagram
    Diagrams: ascii sequence

  26. ASCII Sequence Diagram Creator
    Diagrams: ascii sequence

  27. Chart Mage
    Diagrams: sequence, flow

  28. flowchart.js
    Diagrams: flow

  29. drawthe
    Diagrams: network

  30. mermaid
    Diagrams: flow, sequence, class, state, entity-relationship, gantt, pie, journey

    Diagrams: flow, sequence, graph, tree, onion, stack, system, timeline, mindmap

  32. Blockdiag
    Diagrams: block, activity, network, rack/stack, packet

  33. MetaUML (dead)

  34. Railroad Diagram Generator
    Diagrams: railroad/syntax

  35. Gleek
    Diagrams: architecture

  36. Kroki

  37. Penrose
    Diagrams: penrose

  38. code2flow
    Diagrams: flow

  39. WaveDrom
    Diagrams: timing

  40. CLI Text to Diagram Tools

    1. perl graph-easy #cli
      Diagrams: flow
      Example: graph-easy <<< [node 1]->[some text]-[this][node 1]->[branch]

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